Galaxy construction is one of the best construction company in Lucknow. Established by Mr. Rajiv Ranjan we are a unit of Galaxy Resources Pvt Ltd. Due to 15 years of Mr Rajiv experience and our team efforts we are a leading construction company in India. Galaxy construction is not only about creating world class building we are team of values and understand the story and motive behind every construction work. So far we have completed a long journey but still have a zeal to travel more to build India’s best buildings, roads, bridges, offices. You can call us now to consult about your upcoming construction work.


We are a of team skilled, and highly professional personal. It includes engineers, architect from IIT and my other reputed colleges in our country. Our quality analysts understand the value of every construction work and always ready to give their best. Our workers and labor are also very professional and always ready to work as a team. Our site analyst and planner also make us the best construction company in Lucknow. Visit our now


Hiring Galaxy construction will solve all your problems at one go. We helps you in all requirements related to your construction work. That include site analysis, material fulfillment, interior designing and much more facilities that you can avail by hiring us. Hire the best construction company in Luckknow and be the part of the out happy clients’ family.


We believe in the saying “be versatile to be the best”. That’s we do almost every type of construction work. If you want to build a residential complex then hire us for building your apartment at a reasonable cost. We have best options for commercial buildings constructions and build your dream office for you.

Our nation needs the best roads modern fast vehicles and we can do that as per the norms and considering all valid points. Our railways network is a heritage of colonial era. Our team is always ready to give modern touch to the vintage railway tracks with the best material which is more durable and can take load of increasing railways passengers and heavy loads. Such vast variety in project types makes us a leading construction company in India.


Get your dream project done. Call us, mail us, or visit us to get the more the detial about your specific construction work.