Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction at Galaxy Construction


The bridge construction team of Galaxy Construction comprises the experts in bridge construction and development. We build bridges as it joins two distant places and also serve people. Our such values make us a leading construction company in India.

Process of Bridge construction

The process of bridge construction and development is crucial and has several steps including site analysis and project feasibility, project planning, tenders, execution, constructions, supervision, quality testing, load testing, and repair and management under service.


How do we build?

We follow the Accelerated Bridge construction (ABC) technique. ABC process involves advanced planning, designing, material choice and constructing techniques. It reduces the time during on-site construction. ABC is a cost-effective method and also take care of the safety, durability, quality and environment factors. Such innovative construction methods make Galaxy Construction the best construction company in Lucknow.


Types of Bridges we are building

A bridge is not only connecting two distant places is also adds uniqueness and act as a decorative element to a city. Such as Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh, Godavari Bridge in Andhra Pradesh and many examples we can find over the internet are now tourist places to visit and enjoy.

But this uniqueness in bridges comes with their types. At Galaxy construction, we build all sorts of bridges including steel bridges, cable-styled bridges, pedestrian bridges, composite bridges, concrete bridges, flyovers, and much more on the list. Such vast knowledge of bridge construction and their type and structure make us the best construction company in Lucknow and a leading construction company in India.


Why choose us for Bridge constructions?

As we said earlier bridge construction is crucial and step by step procedural construction. It requires time and effort. Our expert engineers and workers understand this very and also know the lives related to any bridge under service. Our professionalism and strict to the deadline process make us the first choice for bridge construction company in Lucknow.