Railway Construction

Railway construction at Galaxy construction


Galaxy construction is one of the most prominent and reliable construction company in Lucknow. We do take railway construction contract, and that makes us a growing construction company in India. So far, we have completed a long journey to provide the best and first class service to Indian Railways Network.

Railway network in India is increasing day by day. Due to the rise of futuristic railways engines, it is pre-requisite to create durable railway tracks. However, the process is complicated and have several steps and take time to build a fully functional railway track.


Our process.

At Galaxy construction, we focus on the correct track construction, drainage management, land preparation, offloading of rails, tamping or lining and completion. We have excellent technicians and engineers to give best railway tracks on public service.


Railway construction projects we do

Railway construction is a broad construction. It requires a lot of human resources, knowledge, time and patience to construct a railway track. We do a variety of railway construction projects like constructing platforms, telecommunication installation, etc. It is also necessary to regularly maintain the railway tracks, and we got our clients cover as we do track renewal. We are specialised in de-stressing the LWR, rearranging the curved insertions of diamond crossings, in-depth screening, etc.


Why choose us?

Railways are the arteries of transportation in India. It is necessary to choose wisely for your arteries. We, at Galaxy construction, believes “build good live good”. Our team take care of all safety measure while constructing the railway tracks.

We work with the modern-day methodologies like Nondestructive testing or NDT. NDT while using in railways included methods like ultrasounds, eddy current, magnetic particle inspection, radiography, magnetic flux leakage, and Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer or EMAT. Such knowledge of railway track construction and maintenance make Galaxy construction a growing construction company in India.