Raw Houses

Raw houses construction at Galaxy construction

Galaxy construction is a reputed construction company in Lucknow. We are a leading name in the construction company in India. We also build raw houses projects which are unfurnished and can be modified easily as per the buyer’s requirement. We have a team of expert technicians, and they consult and always do what’s best for your raw house project.


We choose perfect to build perfectly.

Majority of raw houses projects are government projects. Hence it is pre-requisite to select the perfect material. Those houses are allotted to the people who cannot afford a luxury home but capable of fulfilling the basic need. We value such public needs, and so do our quality analysts. From the very beginning of the project we select the perfect material including cement, bricks, iron rods, machines, etc. and build an international standard raw house for public serving.


Reasonable construction cost at Galaxy Construction

We are not like other big construction companies where the primary focus is to dig a well in clients’ pocket and stole as much money as possible. We understand the value of money and your intention of building raw houses. That’s we come up with the cost-effective construction. Our such business ideologies make us the best construction company in Lucknow and leading construction company in India.


Types of raw houses project we do

Most of the people think that raw houses are just four walls without any facilities. The basic idea is true, but it is more than that. At Galaxy construction we do a wide variety of raw houses projects like government aided raw houses, raw houses apartments with doors and windows, raw houses apartments without door and windows, raw houses apartments with all electricity and water connection, and etc. You can hire our leading construction company in India to get your raw house ready at public service.


Why choose us for raw house construction?

It is a crucial decision to choose a construction company. But we have the answers for all of your questions. We have the best civil engineers from IITs and other reputed colleges India and abroad. We also have the team of best technical operators those who understand the working of every equipment needed during construction. Our excellent workers know the meaning of teamwork and makes us the best construction company in Lucknow.