Road Construction

Road construction at Galaxy Construction

Galaxy construction is a leading construction company in India. We already created a prestigious name as number one construction company in Lucknow. We do construct roads as they are significant way of transportations in our country. Road transportation is the heart of commutation facility in every city. We understand the need to durable, and international standard roads as they have potential to convert cities into smart cities.


Constructing best from finest

The lies quoted above depicts that we choose the finest material to build the best roads. Our materialist knows the value of quality material for road construction. Our civil engineers are the experts in road building and recommend what’s best for each construction site.  Our urban architects will give a modern look to compete at international standards.


Constructing roads that anyone can afford

Constructing roads is entirely a public service. But to keep our services world-class we have to take some amount from our clients. Our motive at Galaxy construction is not to put a hole in your pocket. We value every single penny of our clients. And our business authority is working day and night so that we can build world-class roads at affordable prices. Our such dedication makes us a leading construction company in India.


Types of road construction projects we do

Being the best construction company in Lucknow is not an easy task. Our team work hard and give its best shot every time. With the best construction team, we are capable of doing many projects including asphalt roads, concrete roads more specifically JPCP, JRCP, and CRCP, composite roads, recycling roads and roads made of Bituminous Solutions.


Why choose Galaxy construction?

We are an all-rounder regarding construction. We have already achieved several milestones that makes us the best construction company in Lucknow. Still, our team is working hard because we want to be the best construction company in India. Our expert engineers, technicians, operators and testers and analysts are always ready to build the best roads to cope with futuristic transport needs.